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There is an incredible sense of enthusiasm and community-spirit amongst Tesla owners (and prospective owners) and a huge amount of knowledge-sharing about vehicle functionality, experiences and lessons learned. But there is no single place you can visit to find holistic, accurate and current information, and answers are often buried deep in forum threads and social media services and can be difficult to locate.

We have therefore created a searchable database of curated articles, written by Tesla owners, for the use of Tesla enthusiasts all over the world.

The site is (and always will be) free to use.

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*More than 90% of our articles are available to non-owners.

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Featured Articles

Using the Model S as a performance car

This article is written purely from the perspective of a performance car driver, not someone who is interested in the whys and wherefores of the Model S happening to be powered by an electric motor (or two electric motors in 'D' variants). Introduction and context To...

Model S Easter Eggs

The Model S has several hidden Easter Eggs within its software. Two of these have already been discovered and are public knowledge, and Elon has promised another shortly. Tesla team photo This was the first Easter Egg to be discovered. How to find the Easter Egg:...

Tesla: what and why?

This article explains the Tesla philosophy - what the cars are, why they are like that, and why their drivers like them so much. What's Tesla all about? Tesla is a new company (by the standards of the industry), founded specifically to create desirable electric cars....

Quick Guide 1 – Intro to Tesla

Never heard of Tesla? Our quick guide tells you what you need to know. Tesla the company Tesla Motors is a Silicon-valley company founded specifically to create desirable electric cars. Founded 2003, first product launched 2006, first deliveries 2008. Public company,...

Tips & Tricks for getting the most out of Model S

This article lists a wide variety of hints, tips & suggestions to help new (and experienced!) owners get the most from their cars.  It does not list anything which is included in the owner’s manual (which is available in electronic form inside the car, and also...