The Model S has several hidden Easter Eggs within its software. Two of these have already been discovered and are public knowledge, and Elon has promised another shortly.

Tesla team photo

This was the first Easter Egg to be discovered.

How to find the Easter Egg:

  • Click the ‘T’ button on the touchscreen to open the ‘About’ window.
  • Press and hold on the model designation number (eg. 60/70/85) for 10 seconds or so.
  • The picture of your car will drive off the screen to be replaced by a picture of the Tesla team. 

After you close the window, the next time you open it the regular ‘About’ screen will be back.

Tesla team easter egg

Bond Lotus submarine car

Tesla have said that this Easter Egg was added as part of software update v5.9. It was first publicised on TMC ( and took about one year to be discovered. 

How to find the Easter Egg:

  • Press and hold the ‘T’ button on the touchscreen until the diagnostic access menu appears.
  • Enter ‘007’ as the access code.
  • Open ‘Controls’ and go to the ‘Suspension’ page.

Your Model S has transformed into James Bond’s Lotus submarine car and the suspension settings (for those with Smart Air Suspension) are now measured as ‘Depth’ (in leagues) – but don’t worry, it will still operate as normal.

To return to the regular screen mode, repeat the above steps. You may have to close and reopen the Controls window for all visual elements to return to normal.

James Bond Submarine Easter Egg