Tesla Owners Group UK – Supercharger Tips & Tricks

Tesla Superchargers are fantastic, however finding some can prove a little tricky. Now that the Ecotricity dispute is over and they are now being installed at motorway services they should get easier to spot. However, here are some tips and tricks covering the current deployment along with some videos giving some examples of approach. If this proves a useful resource we would ask owners who can safely video the remaining sites to get in touch at admin@teslapedia.org

Abington – 6 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located at Abington Motorway Services Area.

Link to Abington Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Barnsley – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated at the rear of the Tankersley Manor Hotel just 1/2 mile from M1 J36 and easy to get back on once you’ve recharged.
  • Well signed posted, just follow the signs for the event centre (and “EV charging”).
  • The bar food is recommended, or if you have longer the brasserie serves good bistro style food.
  • Nice toilets just through the entrance of the hotel.
  • If you want fast food just go past the hotel and McDonalds is just off the roundabout on the right hand side. Usually quiet – I’ve never seen another car here!

Link to Barnsley Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Birchanger Green – 4 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located in the Bishops Stortford Motorway Services Area, which is accessible from both directions of travel.

Link to Birchanger Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Birmingham – Hopwood Park – 6 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located in the M42 Motorway Services Area, which is accessible from both directions of travel.

Link to Hopwood Park Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Birmingham – Hyatt – 2 bays SITE CLOSED 30.12.16

  • IMPORTANT! This site has now closed and will re-open as a destination charging site in 2017
  • Tesla Owners get a room discount at the Hyatt Birmingham please use the code CR16154. This code can be used over the telephone or online

Link to Birmingham Hyatt Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Bristol – Cribbs Causeway – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located on the ground floor of the 2 level car park outside John Lewis – certainly not obvious from the sat nav.
  • Drive-in bays; reverse out.
  • Car parking is free; facilities inside John Lewis or Starbucks inside PC World nearby.
  • Access is available 24-hours, although the normal way in may be locked: you need to approach from a different direction.  Tap on the marker on the map in the car to get the name of the street.

Link to Bristol Cribbs Causeway Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Bristol – Gordano Services – 8 bays (no video as yet)

  • Access from both directions on the M5, at Junction 19.

Link to Bristol Gordano Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Charnock Richard (North) Services – 12 bays (no video as yet)

  • Access is possible from both directions on the M6, between J27 and J28. It can also be accessed by local traffic from Mill Lane.
  • The Superchargers are at the far end of the Days Inn hotel car park.
  • Most of the site allows two-way traffic so please drive carefully.
  • When travelling Northbound take the exit slowly as you will need to take an early, sharp left and then turn immediately right into the Days Inn hotel car park. Don’t get confused by the No Entry signs.
  • When travelling Southbound keep left as you exit the motorway and follow the signs for HGVs, going to the left of the Shell petrol station. Drive round the bend (keep an eye out for any joining traffic on the right, especially lorries) and then head straight and take the junction on left with a traffic island (before the services exit). Follow the signs for the hotel. To return to the Southbound carriageway, follow these directions in reverse but take a left when rejoining the southbound side of the service area.

Link to Charnock Richard Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Edinburgh – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated in the staff car park at Edinburgh Airport.
  • At barrier press intercom button and ask for access to the Supercharger.
  • Turn left after the barrier and bays are approx 100 metres away on the left.
  • Usual airport facilities are available in the terminal building which is a 5 minute walk.
  • When leaving the car park you must again press intercom and request an exit.
  • Turn right on exit.

Link to Edinburgh Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Exeter – Dart’s Farm – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located just inside the car park entrance – be careful when reversing as people come into the car park at speed and aren’t expecting you to be maneouvering.
  • Very good facilities for a break including a fish and chip shop that is open beyond normal shopping hours.
  • Within the store there are toilets, lots of take-away deli type foods, a sit down cafe and also a coffee bar with snacks and cakes.

Link to Exeter Dart Farm Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Folkestone – Eurotunnel Departures – 4 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located inside the Eurotunnel Departures area so only accessible when travelling from UK to France.
  • The Superchargers are in front of the entrance of the Folkestone terminal building after you have checked in.
  • On the return trip you would need to visit either the Calais or Maidstone Superchargers.

Link to Folkestone Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Gretna Green – 4 bays (no video as yet)

  • Located in the Gretna Green Motorway Services Area, which is accessible from both directions of travel.

Link to Gretna Green Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Leeds – 2 Bays

  • Situated around the back.
  • Limited parking for Gym members so can get ICE’d frequently.

Link to Leeds Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Dartford (Bluewater) – 5 bays

  • The trick is to keep off the ramps as you go around Bluewater, keeping on Bluewater Parkway. If you have the sound turned on the Navigation it helps as it takes you to the entrance that you need. Look for the Plaza car park, 1st orange IMAX sign. This map may help… https://goo.gl/maps/lUveo
  • Once in the underground car park, stay at ground level and aim for the location on the sat nav map, it is directly opposite the entrance, about 30 metres in. There are various food places just inside the shopping centre.

Link to Dartford Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Brent Cross – 2 bays

  • Superchargers found in the RED carpark. Free parking and some Source London chargers close to the Superchargers if you wish to stay longer.
  • The Tesla store within Brent Cross a little hard to find as it is actually outside (see map below).

Link to Brent Cross Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Canary Wharf – 6 bays

  • Located on level -2. Follow the signs as you enter Canada Water car park, as you come down the ramp the superchargers are immediately on your right – but you’ll need to drive in a small loop to access.
  • Parking charges apply (unless the same trick works as per Westfield White City).

Link to Canary Wharf Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Heathrow Airport – Park Inn Hotel – 2 bays

  • Located to the rear of the hotel.
  • Essential to register your car with the hotel reception each time you visit, otherwise you’ll be charged for parking via CCTV controlled system.
  • Toilets to the right inside the “rear” reception.
  • Drinks / snacks machines exist also in same area.

Link to Heathrow Park Inn Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Heathrow Airport – Hilton Terminal 5 – 8 bays

  • This site is monitored by parking/ticketing service.
  • The Superchargers are located at the rear of the car park.
  • 30 minutes free parking (please show entry ticket and Tesla key fob at reception for validation)
  • 4 hours free parking for any customers using spa, food or beverage facilities (please show entry ticket, Tesla key fob, and receipt of purchase at reception for validation)
  • 10% discount on all food and beverage (excluding Mr. Todiwala’s & Room Service, please show Tesla key fob at point of purchase)
  • 10% discount on all spa treatments (please show Tesla key fob at point of purchase)

Link to Heathrow Hilton T5 Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – The Royal Victoria Docks (The Crystal) – 2 bays

  • The first UK Supercharger site launched June 2014.
  • As at June 2015 roadworks changing the layout and entrance to the supercharger (see video example).
  • Need to buzz the security from the barrier to enter.

Link to Royal Victoria Docks Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Tower Bridge – 2 Bays

  • Situated in the underground Car Park of the Tower Hill Hotel – enter the hotel via the controlled barrier, take a ticket, drive past the front of the hotel and turn into the underground car park entrance just before the exit barriers on your right.
  • On entering DO NOT follow the sat nav directions around St Katherine’s Dock – you should turn as if you are going over Tower Bridge and cut immediately left across the oncoming traffic lane coming up St Katherine’s Way.
    • Following the Sat Nav could route you through very severe width restrictions. You need to do this:
    • On exiting – The same goes for leaving the Car Park DO NOT turn right out of the hotel car park barriers, turn left at the T-Junction after the exit and drive under the hotel (traffic light controlled) to avoid the width restricted bollards.
    • Once your charge is complete, visit reception to get your ticket validated. Parking is free for up to 90 minutes if using the SC (The first 30 minutes are free to park so you don’t need to validate your ticket if your stay is short).

Link to Tower Bridge Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – West Drayton – 5 bays (no video as yet)

  • Bays are in the customer car park at the front of the Service Centre.

Link to West Drayton Supercharger on teslamotors.com

London – Westfield, White City – 6 bays (no video as yet)

  • Follow signs for Valet parking and take a ticket.
  • Superchargers are located on the far right of the car park.
  • Some users have successfully not paid for parking by using the intercom at the barrier and stating you were Supercharging – ensure no cars are behind you when doing this (as it may take some time to convince the warden!)

Link to London Westfield Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Maidstone – 6 Bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated in a small access road past the hotel.

Link to Maidstone Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Northampton – 6 Bays

  • Please note that you must now register your registration details at reception within 10 minutes of arrival to avoid parking fines.
  • Situated at the front of the Campanile Hotel, turn right as you enter the car park.
  • Toilets just inside hotel to left of reception. There is a bar but restaurant is only open and certain times and I believe you have to book. Bottle of water is £1 from reception.
  • The Harvester does a great buffet breakfast for about £4.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Some drivers have had issues accessing the hotel facilities (loo etc.) out of hours, if you need access to the hotel ensure that you tell the Duty Manager you are a Tesla driver and show him your key fob to prove it.
  • NB. The paired chargers 3A and 3B are not actually next to each other, so if trying to load balance it’s worth checking the labels and not simply leaving one space in between each car charging.

Link to Northampton Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Oxford – 6 Bays (no video as yet)

  • Located in the M40 Oxford Motorway Services Area, which is accessible from both directions of travel.
  • They are located as you leave the car park so not immediately obvious. The best way to reach them is to take the first left on entering, drive past the Ecotricity charge points and entrance all the way to the end, turn right and you will find the Superchargers are in a row on your right.

Link to Oxford Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Reading – 4 Bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated a short drive (5-7 minutes) from J11 of the M4.
  • Facilities at Nuffield Health or during weekdays you can visit the Zest restaurant.

Link to Reading Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Sarn (near Bridgend) – 8 Bays (no video as yet)

  • Located in the Sarn Park Services on the M4 J36 and accessible from both directions.
  • The Superchargers are in the service area on the north side of the motorway near the Starbucks (Drive Through).

Link to Sarn Supercharger on teslamotors.com

South Mimms – 7 Bays (new video coming soon)

  • These Superchargers have moved and are no longer located where the original two bays were.

Link to South Mimms Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Stoke-on-Trent – Keele Services – 4 Bays


  • Please note that officially this is a M6 Southbound Supercharger only
  • You can access the Super Charger from the Northbound carriageway using the access road in the Google image below in combination with the PIN code on the gate (3500 or 0760) but please note the following:
    • Tesla does not officially support access from the Northbound carriageway
    • Lorries are not used to cars being in that area of the services so please proceed with caution
    • There are lorries coming off the Motorway access ramp at high speeds across the entrance road to the main car park
    • The PIN is shown on the map in the car if you tap on the supercharger marker.  However, the navigation system doesn’t currently know about the access road – it will take you up to the next junction for a U-turn if you ask it to plot the route.


Link to Stoke-on-Trent (Keele) Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Thetford (Elveden) Services – 6 Bays

  • The bays are located at the back of the car park, behind a line of trees.

Link to Thetford Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Warrington – 2 Bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated at the back of The Park Royal Hotel. After entering the car park head for the right hand side of the hotel and drive around the rear.
  • When using the Warrington SC to get to the bar enter use the gym entrance then take a right and follow the corridor round – much quicker and warmer than walking outside round the building.

Link to Warrington Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Washington – Newcastle – 8 bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated at the Campanile Washington.
  • Note that this is not in the nearby MOTO Motorway Services Area.

Link to Washington Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Winchester – Badger Farm – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated in the middle of a busy Sainsbury’s car park. Good access from M3 with a Starbucks coffee on site.

Link to Winchester Badger Farm Supercharger on teslamotors.com

Winchester – Norton Park – 2 bays (no video as yet)

  • Situated in the hotel car park.

Link to Winchester Norton Park Supercharger on teslamotors.com


Have some tips you think would be useful to other owners?

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