If you are confused about tyre pressures on your car then you are not alone as there are several variants depending on your model designation, suspension type, tyre manufacturer and tyre set-up (square or staggered).

A definitive matrix of Tesla Model S tyre pressures

Please see Tyre Pressures for what you should be running on your car.

How should I correctly check my tyre pressures?

  1. Check pressures when the tyres are cold (tyres which have not been used in the last 2 hours or have covered less than 2 miles at low speed).
  2. Ideally check your cold tyres when the ambient temperature is at an average for the time of year.
  3. If you need to check your tyres when hot (through driving) when they are checked, add 4 to 5 psi (0.3 bar) to the recommended pressure. Re-check the pressures when the tyres are cold.
  4. Tyres filled with air (as opposed to Nitrogen) typically lose 1 psi per month, checking your tyre pressure once a month is advised.