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There is an incredible sense of enthusiasm and community-spirit amongst Tesla owners (and prospective owners) and a huge amount of knowledge-sharing about vehicle functionality, experiences and lessons learned. But there is no single place you can visit to find holistic, accurate and current information, and answers are often buried deep in forum threads and social media services and can be difficult to locate.

We have therefore created a searchable database of curated articles, written by Tesla owners, for the use of Tesla enthusiasts all over the world.

The site is (and always will be) free to use.

Our Core Principles

  • Accuracy
  • Usefulness
  • Current
  • Available to all*

*More than 90% of our articles are available to non-owners.

By registering, owners gain:

  • Access to priviledged content including:
    • Security topics
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    • Owner discounts and special offers
  • An opportunity to contribute to the Teslapedia knowlegebase

Featured Articles

Tesla Model S tyre pressures – UK article

Introduction If you are confused about tyre pressures on your car then you are not alone as there are several variants depending on your model designation, suspension type, tyre manufacturer and tyre set-up (square or staggered). A definitive matrix of Tesla Model S...

Total Cost of Ownership: Tesla Model S vs. ICE car

Introduction and context For most potential Model S buyers, understanding the relative costs of ownership compared to those of alternative vehicles is a significant factor in the decision to purchase. Even those who want to buy a Tesla primarily for its fantastic...

Selling your Tesla Model S in the UK

This article describes options for UK owners wishing to sell their Tesla Model S in the UK. Introduction and context To provide some context for the article I think that it is worth mentioning that I am a long time car enthusiast and have owned a variety of high...

What if you completely run out of charge?

Tesla drivers very rarely run out of charge, but it may give peace of mind to know what to expect if the worst happens. What actually happens? Long before you actually run out, the car will start warning you. The navigation system will give a warning when you get too...

Quick Guide 2 – Thinking of ordering a Tesla?

This guide covers things you need to know if you are thinking about placing an order for a Model S. Does a Model S fit your lifestyle? If your typical daily driving (commuting, or whatever you typically use the car for) is 200 miles or less - with longer trips from...

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